Wedding season is coming!

October marks the official start of the wedding season. Love hangs low in the air and wedding bells reverberate across the country. Yet, with four more months to go you might be wondering, “Should I begin planning for my wedding?” The answer is always – YES! There is no time to soon to begin planning for that perfect wedding of your dreams. In fact, even four months may not be enough for most couples. This is where we come in!
Shrine Events specializes in finding the perfect mix of colours, setting and music amongst other things to create a euphoric blend of sensations your guests, your family and you will remember for life! Our customer support executives are at your disposal 24/7.
We have turned wedding planning into a craft, our skills honed in fires of the ‘mandap’. We organize destination weddings, create travel arrangements and handle hotel reservations so that you don’t need to! Leave your worries at the doorstep, we will handle the rest.
Your input is most valuable to us, it is your special day after all. No detail is too small or too insignificant for us. Don’t like the colour scheme? Last minute changes to seating patterns? No problem. We are here for the entire journey.
Our make-up artists will transform you into a vision of beauty – not that you need it. The music for the evening will be provided by your favourite bands (subject to availability). Share your vision of a perfect wedding with us, and watch it come alive.

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