How event planners give money saving solutions to your wedding requirements?

Wedding planning in India comes with a lot of new adventures as well as unexplored features for the bride and groom. This is the reason why getting in contact with a professional wedding planning agency is recommended. They know the industry and through experience and expertise, they are experts and negotiating.


This is why you might feel that a wedding planner is just an addition to the expenditure. in reality; having the help of a wedding planner will actually save you money, time, and stress.


This blog is here to talk about how the help of some best wedding planners in India might be able to save you some money in our marriage gala.


Let’s have a look!


Wedding Planning in India

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Realistic budgeting

A planner is a pro at putting down the actual costs which will incur for clients based on their choices. Best wedding event management companies in India can organize the planning process by taking a look at the budget and how can the resources be used at an optimum level. They are master at allocating funds for each element of the functions based on their priorities. Families and friends organizing our wedding can come up with a lot of made-up numbers when creating a budget. Wedding Planners are able to offer a reasonable range of costs for each sector, segment, facility, and fancy. Having a realistic budget in place from the start avoids chaos and stress.


Known vendors

Wedding Planners often bring repeat business to wedding vendors. Instead of negotiating, again, and again, both parties have a mutual understanding regarding tastes, choices, finances, and transactions. This also means that you might get a bulk discount from these wedding vendors. Your wedding planner knows who to go to that’ll have things which will go hand-in-hand with your wishes, and who can give you exactly what you want based on the budget you’ve set forth.


Best Wedding Planning Company in India

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An event management company that’s been in the wedding industry for a number of years knows exactly what can be done to cut costs in the middle of preparations. If you will need guidance, they would be delighted to share these tips with the clients. This means advising couples to do things like cut their guest list, get married on which days that are relatively freer for vendors, or choose an off-peak wedding date to get the best deal on the venue.



Negotiation skills

Not only do these professionals know how to find the best things for your taste, but they also know how to seal the deal at the best price. They also know how to negotiate on your behalf. This is especially helpful when you’re booking a venue or hotel stays.

A planner will give you a plethora of options to choose from. You would not only be surprised by the variety but will also know that a good thing can come at an affordable price too.


Budget Friendly Wedding Planners

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Avoid last-minute emergency expenses

Couples who are not using wedding management services should remember to set aside some money to accommodate last-minute costs that may come up in the final weeks and days leading up to the big day. When working with a wedding planner, couples are less likely to stress about such emergencies, as everything has been planned and budgeted for ahead of time including surprises and shocks.



Planners not just choose expensive, they choose smart décor. Want to have an aesthetically pleasing and dream décor but you think it will cost a lot? You are wrong. Décor is about ideas and the right luxury wedding planning services can make your wedding look like a fairytale with creativity. Thanks to the world of the internet, you can find brilliant ways in which you can decorate your venue.
Lights can create magic. Basic lamps, lanterns and a lot more can be done with the right kinds of lighting. You just have to find the right wedding planning services.


Want to have an amazing wedding that stays memorable for all attendees but wants it to be pocket friendly? Contact Shrine360 now!

Effect of Covid-19 on artists who were dependent on live events!

COVID 19, or Coronavirus whatever we choose to call this pandemic, it definitely has brought only problems for the entire world. Not only have we witnessed innumerable symptoms of the illness, but we have also noticed unimaginable financial losses around. How, in just a few months, the entire human activity, life, and the world have come to a complete pause.
Most professions, most people, doing big or small work, belonging to any financial strata of society, have been impacted, no matter what is the magnum of the effect on each. There seems to be no hope of betterment in the near future.

The event industry has been hit very hard. Those in the space of Live events, either as executors or performers, will need to sink in with the effect that they will need evolved method to stay in the game of economics. Given the current scenario, any activity involving human gatherings will definitely be a no-no in 2020. The worst fact remains that no one when is an end to it and till when one has to work hard to make both ends meet.


Best Event Planners in India

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The artists are, for sure, going through a tough time, as its Live performances often kept their finances flowing. With all live events being canceled, the best event management companies of India have definitely come with few measurements to sail the sinking ship. Social media platforms are getting used to holding digital concerts. Several artists are performing for their fans virtually, but the profits are not even near to what they used to be. The spending capacity of audiences is another reason for this. Whilst some are relief efforts, and others are meant to uplift one’s mood, the sad element of this effort is a barrage of online content available entirely free of cost.

Online mediums are full of substitutes, music videos are coming up in thousands in each minute and which is why the audience will opt for what is free rather than investing to buy a ticket for an online concert. Dancers, musicians, singers, event vendors, and many more are stuck in the vicious circle of Covid19. The impact of this lockdown on artists is enormous, to the extent that several are considering moving away from event agencies and searching for other ways to rebuild their livelihood, but then many have never known anything other than performing.


How can artists help themselves?


Best Wedding Planning Services

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The artists need to find ways to make their livelihood from few other means than just performing live. They have to re-discover their own talent and evolve with the ever-changing world to be compatible with the given spaces. They just have to make sure the new means not only keep them safe and satisfied but do bring along monetary perks as well. They hold online sessions and classes and have, maybe, a minimal charge for them. They can have a look again at their contact list and can approach the acquaintances. They can take the help of their own networking and stay connected with their fan and client base, in the case of the more prominent artists, and with their audiences that love their talent.


How Shrine 360 is helping artists as well as holding memorable events in New-Normal?


Event Management Company in India

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While the best wedding planners in India – Shrine 360 is ever ready to organize a safe event for you in the pandemic, it is very much inclined towards bettering the economy of the nation again. While wedding planning, we sincerely hope to include talented artists not only to make your event a memorable one but to make sure these artists are back in the work scenario again. Luxury wedding planning services like ours have contact with the best of performers in the world and can make them perform at your wedding gala. We will take care that the utmost safety measures are taken to keep your, your guests, friends, and all loved ones safe and happy during the event.

Always had a dream to have a celebrity performer at your BIG-DAY? We are here to fulfill the wish!

Planning a Wedding in 2020? Look at The ‘Save the Date Creative Invites’ for Inspiration!

The opening act of your wedding, the card that fills everyone with the excitement to get ready for the big festivities ahead – Your Wedding Invitation!

Yes, it is time to start thinking about your wedding invitations! Your best wedding event management companies in India have already made a layout of what furniture, what color theme, and what decoration will go best with your wedding venue. Brides might have the most options of wedding invitations, from different papers, textures, colors, fonts to embellishments!

We love the classic wedding invitation cards, but with the ‘New Normal’ that COVID-19 has gifted us, it is time to move faster and decide the design beforehand to avoid last-minute arrangements.

We have made a list of creative invites that took our breath away (and, hope it does to you too!) and helps you express and indicate that your wedding celebration is going to be super-fun, and tailored to perfection.

Before you start reading about the inspirations – 

‘Paper leaflet, cursive font, and blingy gold borders aren’t the ones trending right now! People go for more sophisticated, in-sync with the theme of their wedding and subtle with their wedding invite designs!’

  • Marvelous Marble Design:

Wedding planning can become effortless when you have an inspiration in your mind and a good wedding planner by your side. But when it comes to wedding e-invitation, your outlook is required! 

Marble design wedding invitation with modern marble touch, gilded elegance, a flair of chic and modern, and luxurious golden font that highlights your wedding festivities, is what will make you fall head over heels! Look at the following design for inspiration.

Marvelous Marble Design

  • Pretty Pastels:

Giving us some major wedding invite goals is the pretty pastel color wrapped invitation! Pastels are a new love, and it has been the hottest fashion trend in wedding, whether it is the venue decoration, or invites, or beautiful lehenga of the bride, everything is painted in the muted yet striking pastels! 

And, the same goes for the wedding invitation. Refreshing, light, and the palette of pastel unfurling vivid celebration, is what pastel creative invites showcases.

Pretty Pastels

The design is simple yet effective with the touch of pastel that lightens up the entire design. The geometrical shape around the boundary gives the wedding invitation an edge and bring all the attention towards the festivities mentioned in between. 

For a more dramatic and beautiful look, go for the golden color as the boundary. Pastel and golden go hand in hand and showcases a real royal feel. 

  • Royal Wedding Invitation:

Relive the traditional, sumptuous, and the gorgeous vibes of our Indian culture stamped on your wedding invitation. This royal wedding invitation alone shouts out for the biggest wedding celebration. This is the newest trend to go loud with the design, it matches the royal, blingy wedding that you’ve always dreamed of as a child. 

Royal Wedding Invitation

Let’s end the trail of the most creative wedding invitation that are drool-worthy. Make your wedding invitation as long as your wedding planning. In 2020, though all the plans have been delayed, it is important that now it should be ‘Grand, Beautiful, and All About You’. 

Shrine 360 is here with the top wedding and entertainment planning team in India! We make your events and celebrations grand and tailored according to your requirements. 


Why wedding planning during Winters is the best?

It is commonly observed in India that most people dream to get married during the winter season. There are a lot of reasons for the same. Christmas, Winter as well Diwali breaks mostly fall down in the cold and pleasant days making the phase ideal and romantic to tie the knot.

Wedding planning in India is at boom during the final months of the year also because the holidays give chance to all family, friends, loved ones, and especially the kids to participate in the gala. A winter wedding can give plenty of advantages and options out there to create a memorable experience for everyone around. Wedding management services and wedding vendors have also been seen promoting the same season as ideal to plan the biggest event of your life.

This blog will talk about how and why Wedding Planners think Winters are apt to plan the marriage ceremonies.


bright lighting

There could be a huge list of options available even for the theme-based decorations for a wedding in winter as compared to that in summers. In summers a lot of lighting, complex setups, bright lighting can add on to the heat and make the ambiance of the venue a little unpleasant. Winters offer you a chance to experiment with colors, majestic setups, and flowy fabrics like velvet so as to make your stage look like a fairy tale world. Best Wedding Planners like Shrine 369 can definitely offer a plethora of themes specifically curated to suit the weather. Theme based decorations can steal away your hearts at a glance and winters allow the decor teams to play with various themes and patterns to create something fabulous. You can give the snowfall or flowery effect so that all can witness the true essence and beauty of winter at the first-hand experience.

No-Mess atmosphere

No-Mess atmosphere

Females are really the stars of any wedding ceremony. The makeup, jewelry, chirpiness, dances, songs, and their presence not only add on to the aesthetics but also create a happening vibe at any event. Their comfort definitely counts and thanks to Winters, the cold ambiance doesn’t make them worry about sweating profusely or their makeup melting due to hot weather. Wedding planning services can make sure that the bride and groom do not have to worry about getting a messy look after a few hours on some of the most important days of their lives. They can simply sit, talk, and enjoy amidst the blissful breeze.

Cozy and Soothing experience

Cozy and Soothing experience

It feels so amazing and soothing all around in winter weddings that everyone can enjoy the ceremonies. The team from wedding planning services as well your family & friends can put their heart, soul, and mids to make the event a superhit. Summer makes people exhausted with scorching sun and sweat. In winters, the working efficiency, as well as the capacity of all, is definitely accelerated. All can not only just plan and execute with a chill but keep a relaxed state of mind during the chaos of arrangements making it convenient to organize big-scale functions. There are no irritation, itching, and humidity issues in winter weddings making it an overall comfortable experience for guests, organizers as well as the bride & groom.

Ideal Winter Lights

Ideal Winter Lights

Lightings and decor have a different effect during winters creating the ambiance around to be romantic and worth enjoying. With a foggy background, flowers blooming all over around and clean air can make your pictures appear extremely clear and natural. Wedding planning websites India often has a lot of pictures posted from the events they have organized which clearly shows that beautiful photos are something one should definitely have an eye on. After all, it’s once in a lifetime affair!

One can use the perfect photo light as late as 10 am in some winter months so make to take advantage of the perfect golden hour. You can use the time to get clicked so that the later day is vacant to enjoy the ceremonies. Moreover, getting clicked in winters is fun and enjoyable in comparison to summers when the golden lights simply make you sweat.

If you are planning an outdoor winter ceremony, scheduling photo sessions opposed to dusk or sunset will make it a more comfortable experience for you and your guests and result in better quality photos.

Wedding venues

Wedding venues

Whether you want to get married at a beach, a garden, or a hall, you can be sure that the temperature would be comfortable everywhere during winters. You don’t have to worry about the scorching sunlight, rainfall or winds during winters and you can simply pick on the spot as per your whims and wishes.

Hope the pops of winter color create a vibrant winter wedding and the photos turn out perfect. Choose to get married amidst the colorful blooms and rich greens to experience the fairytale!



Behind the scenes – Wedding Consultancy

Behind the Scenes- into the Work of Wedding Consultants

Oh, I booked a wedding consultant to handle all my wedding needs” or “there is so much to do, thank god a friend suggested a wedding consultant”, or even “my total wedding costs were cut down by 10% because I hired a consultant”. We hear these from people around us but what exactly do they mean?



Thousands of people are relieved that they got better deals, saved time, and lowered their whole wedding costs, all because they hired a wedding consultant, but what exactly does a wedding consultant do? We take you behind the scenes- into this world and all the things that are involved in creating a flawless and exquisite wedding. This is us at Shrine 360, demystifying wedding essentials so you can be stress-free, ready and prepared.


  • Make 2 lists

Because consultants are professionals they know that there can never be one wedding list! 

One list will be must-haves! These are things you can not miss and need to allocate budget on a priority, this can include venue, photographers and logistics etc. the second list can be the wish list! This is also very important because a wedding day is one of the most important days in the life of a person, so naturally one would wish for a grand and magical day. But we as consultants always remind our customers to stick to the overall budget!

For instance, If you want more grand decorations than you have to cut the budget from something else. Flexibility is good but prioritize the big spend items and must-have items from the first list and then focus on the wish list. At Shrine360, we always focus on prioritizing your wishes without compromising your needs. 


  • Making a timeline 

Your wedding can feel overwhelming and stressful, but if you set a timeline and follow it, your wedding will be smooth sailing, and more enjoyable. As professionals wedding consultants are well aware of the delays in the industry. At Shrine 360 we give a detailed timeline of what to book when and keep tabs on all vendors and service providers. This way all the wedding events are planned well in advance, eliminating any scope of last-minute mishaps. By setting a timeline we ensure that your wedding is not just an event, it’s a masterpiece and for that, everything has to be perfectly on time.


  • Vendors and more

As a wedding consultant, our number one goal is to keep the client, which is you, happy! And what else can bring more joy than to save money while having a grand wedding? 

For this, we at Shrine 360 have two main criteria’s:

Firstly, we as wedding consultants who have a good insider look into the industry, give you the choice of vendors, from venue to flower arrangements, photographers to videographers, we do it all. Secondly, after you choose on from the impressive list we provide, we then haggle for prices! Hence, giving you variety and excellence at lowered costs.


  • Plan B ready

From our years of experience as wedding consultants, we know that things can go wrong. Logistics can mess up, a vendor can suddenly turn unreliable or maybe the weather doesn’t cooperate. So we are always ready with a plan B. Our phones are filled with contacts of replacements that can help with events at a drop of the hat. Instead of worrying when things go wrong suddenly, stay calm and composed, look after your guests and leave the rest to us. Wedding consultants are the superheroes who save the day, no matter what the circumstances are!


Hope you now know what goes into being a wedding consultant and why you keep hearing about them so much. A lot of people agree that for them hiring a wedding consultant is like insurance, an insurance for your special day! Because gone are the days when people associate stress with weddings, nowadays people value stress-free preparations so that they can enjoy too with their guests and one of the best things you can do for that is to hire a wedding consultant!

When two people tie the knot, the magic is felt by everyone around them. A spectacular wedding marks the celebration of this love and the life that will come ahead. So why not make it stress-free and full of grandeur and magnificence, but all in your budget with Shrine 360 wedding consultancy! 


Wedding Consultancy

Why Hiring a Wedding Consultant is the Right Move

An insight by Shrine 360

So you are getting married or someone in your family is thinking of tying the knot soon? Why is the first thing everyone thinks on such a joyous occasion the huge amount of work and hassle they will have to put in to get a beautiful wedding? You deserve a grand wedding with the best caterers, planners, makeup artists, but who is going to get them? Who is going to manage all the staff from photographers, event managers, decor managers, artist, hospitality staff etc.?



People around the world agree that their wedding day is the most beautiful day of their life but also the most stressful. There are hundreds of staff, family members and friends to manage! This is the reason wedding consultancy is on the rise because people have realised that their wedding day should not only be fabulous for others but also enjoyable for them. 



We all know the perfect wedding needs meticulous planning. We start preparing for it months and sometimes years before and still finding the right caterers, the most amazing photographers for those candid’s as well as, wedding planners for the multiple events, all within your budget is really difficult. How about a destination wedding? A beach wedding in Goa, a wedding dripped in royalty in Jaipur or Udaipur, an adventurous and nature loving wedding in Jim Corbett? How to have these amazing wedding at a destination where you don’t know the best planners or have the knack to bargain with vendors? Here a wedding consultant plays a big role, someone who has insider links and can manage grand wedding in a given budget, at any destination, whilst making you hassle-free. Questioning how to decrease this wedding stress while still having the wedding of your dreams? Wedding Consultants are the answer!



Why most people are hiring wedding consultants you wondering? Well, it’s simple, a wedding is a team effort- you are relying on different professionals like makeup artist, caters, photographers, hospitality staff etc. to do their job well and give you a fair price for their services. Hence hiring a wedding consultant is the single best thing you can do in such a situation, this is the person who can multitask effectively on your behalf. From bargaining with vendors to overseeing the activities of staff in fixing last-minute emergencies and making sure everything is perfect for you and your guests. Shrine 360 understands this sector and gets you the best deals from the best professionals. We love weddings and all the little bits of planning and details and we love working with people and have an upbeat outlook to help you if an inevitable last-minute problem arises (sometimes we have handled countless last-minute problems).



At Shrine 360 our wedding consultants have the perfect skill set – an amalgamation of financial planning, administration, wedding sector skills and genuine joy in managing weddings! They also possess impressive negotiation and business skills to haggle with the numerous vendors. Another huge benefit is that wedding consultants can cut down the money you spend on weddings; they usually have great offers from different vendors and have insider knowledge on how to get discounts for different services and supplies. So, their connections will definitely cut wedding costs, At Shrine 360 we pride ourselves in not just being troubleshooters who manage your wedding, making you hassle free but also help avoid extra costs and get discounts from all the service providers by negotiating on your behalf.



Another benefit is that because wedding consultants are so involved in the business, they can give multiple options, from caters to flower arrangements, locations to logistics. The choices will be endless and you can decide on what you think will be perfect. Lastly, because a wedding consultant is someone you hire for making a dream wedding into a reality, they will work using their skills, they will provide you with a myriad of options and negotiate but all on your behalf. It is like having a close friend who is also a professional in the wedding planning industry! Someone you can trust to get you the best deals so that wedding bells never bring extra worry, just happiness and flawless events by wedding consultants from Shrine 360.


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Artist Management: A path to success

Why artist management is taking centre stage

An insight by Shrine 360

-An Artist Management Company handles the day-to-day work for the artist, so the artist can create mesmerising art, all without the hassles of everyday management.


-Artist Management Companies also work as an interface between the record label and the artist, to get the best deals and promotions in the industry.


-It’s important that the company you hire give you top priority and the constant support as well as tools to navigate this competitive industry and emerge above as a top artist.


In today’s highly competitive industry an artist needs to combine their talent with business acumen! It is no secret that all the great artists of our times are supported by artist management companies where the artist supplies the broad vision and the artist management staff takes the vision and executes it. Essentially an artist management company handles the day to day work for the artist, so the artist can create mesmerising art all while being stress-free and without the hassles of everyday management. Shrine 360 provides all these professional artist management services and much more because we understand that being artist managers is a personal endeavour and we treat the artist’s unique vision as the blueprint, and then that is the path we follow because a strong bond between the artist and management is of the utmost importance.


Many times people employ the help of their friends and family for this job, but often lose out on good opportunities and world-class events or end up with bad management of events or the artist themselves. This is because there is a lack of expertise which is extremely valuable in this industry because an artist management company can truly make or break an artist’s career. Here at Shrine 360, we believe in providing years of experience of the industry coupled with a personal touch so your career grows leaps and bounds and you are part of remarkable events all while being stress-free and true to your art.


Thus an artist management company guides the professional career of artists in the entertainment industry. The responsibility of the company includes overseeing the day-to-day business affairs of an artist; advising and counselling the talent concerning professional matters, long-term planning and personal decisions making which greatly affects the career of an artist. An artist management company also works as an interface between the record-label and artist, to get the best deals and promotions in the industry. They also help an artist become a renowned brand by pursuing PR strategies.


Here at Shrine 360, we give you top priority and the constant support as well as tools to navigate this competitive industry and emerge above as a top artist. Today, the importance of building a team of dedicated and aligned people around an artist is even more important because there are multiple artists, competition is increasing and there are even more avenues for an artist, so missing out on any of the opportunities because of lack of management can take away from the artist’s career growth. At Shrine 360 we understand the importance of team effort to take an artist forward in their career. We believe a lack of management does not only lead to a loss of great avenues and opportunities, but it can also lead to an artist having to concentrate on multiple management and business related duties, often giving lack of attention to their art and thus the magic of their talent and performances subsides.


Moreover, sometimes the artist knows what they want, but don’t know how to achieve it? Better venues? Better lighting? Better display? Better sound system? Better deals? Artist management teams can take this vision and take it to the next level creating events that are truly majestic and incredible so that the artist makes an everlasting impression and stands out of the crowd. Shrine 360 specialises in these and additionally in out-of-the-box ideas and flawless execution; this coupled with artist’s magical talent can make their performances outstanding.


The bells are ringing!

Imagine playing with toys and deciding their whole wedding scene, dressing them, applying all kinds of makeup and jewellery, choosing the right destination and celebrating it with all love and joy! Yes, your childhood play is becoming a reality and we at shrine 360 happen to be your all-time host and dost!
A wedding is not just a bond becoming strong but a relation tying many knots at a time. We can feel all the excitement and craze you have right now. As the day comes closer, it brings a lot many responsibilities and along with it comes a bunch of expectations. From the ceremonies to the perfect destination, it all takes a hell of efforts, energy and time. We at shrine 360 try to lessen your worries and work with you and for you just like another family. Our goal is to bring immense happiness, contentment and satisfaction on that very important day. From your checklist to every minor wish, we promise to deliver the best.
Our team will listen to your heart and with our soulful creation, we will fulfil all your demands and requirements. We will make sure no feather is left behind and the hat has all the coloured moments you wished for! We will definitely make that day the most memorable day of your life. All the arrangements, pickups and the extras as well, we will follow all of them by heart.
Every marriage is driven by a passion, trance and vibe. We will find yours! No matter what, we are going to stick with the business, the business of love and affection! So are you waiting for the right party makers? Look, here we are! Wearing the dress code in our high spirits, with our bags full of creation and mind full of ideas. Visit us any day because plans they happen to be sudden sometimes!
For more info visit our website or feel free to give us a call on +91 88888 83410.