Behind the scenes – Wedding Consultancy

Behind the Scenes- into the Work of Wedding Consultants

Oh, I booked a wedding consultant to handle all my wedding needs” or “there is so much to do, thank god a friend suggested a wedding consultant”, or even “my total wedding costs were cut down by 10% because I hired a consultant”. We hear these from people around us but what exactly do they mean?



Thousands of people are relieved that they got better deals, saved time, and lowered their whole wedding costs, all because they hired a wedding consultant, but what exactly does a wedding consultant do? We take you behind the scenes- into this world and all the things that are involved in creating a flawless and exquisite wedding. This is us at Shrine 360, demystifying wedding essentials so you can be stress-free, ready and prepared.


  • Make 2 lists

Because consultants are professionals they know that there can never be one wedding list! 

One list will be must-haves! These are things you can not miss and need to allocate budget on a priority, this can include venue, photographers and logistics etc. the second list can be the wish list! This is also very important because a wedding day is one of the most important days in the life of a person, so naturally one would wish for a grand and magical day. But we as consultants always remind our customers to stick to the overall budget!

For instance, If you want more grand decorations than you have to cut the budget from something else. Flexibility is good but prioritize the big spend items and must-have items from the first list and then focus on the wish list. At Shrine360, we always focus on prioritizing your wishes without compromising your needs. 


  • Making a timeline 

Your wedding can feel overwhelming and stressful, but if you set a timeline and follow it, your wedding will be smooth sailing, and more enjoyable. As professionals wedding consultants are well aware of the delays in the industry. At Shrine 360 we give a detailed timeline of what to book when and keep tabs on all vendors and service providers. This way all the wedding events are planned well in advance, eliminating any scope of last-minute mishaps. By setting a timeline we ensure that your wedding is not just an event, it’s a masterpiece and for that, everything has to be perfectly on time.


  • Vendors and more

As a wedding consultant, our number one goal is to keep the client, which is you, happy! And what else can bring more joy than to save money while having a grand wedding? 

For this, we at Shrine 360 have two main criteria’s:

Firstly, we as wedding consultants who have a good insider look into the industry, give you the choice of vendors, from venue to flower arrangements, photographers to videographers, we do it all. Secondly, after you choose on from the impressive list we provide, we then haggle for prices! Hence, giving you variety and excellence at lowered costs.


  • Plan B ready

From our years of experience as wedding consultants, we know that things can go wrong. Logistics can mess up, a vendor can suddenly turn unreliable or maybe the weather doesn’t cooperate. So we are always ready with a plan B. Our phones are filled with contacts of replacements that can help with events at a drop of the hat. Instead of worrying when things go wrong suddenly, stay calm and composed, look after your guests and leave the rest to us. Wedding consultants are the superheroes who save the day, no matter what the circumstances are!


Hope you now know what goes into being a wedding consultant and why you keep hearing about them so much. A lot of people agree that for them hiring a wedding consultant is like insurance, an insurance for your special day! Because gone are the days when people associate stress with weddings, nowadays people value stress-free preparations so that they can enjoy too with their guests and one of the best things you can do for that is to hire a wedding consultant!

When two people tie the knot, the magic is felt by everyone around them. A spectacular wedding marks the celebration of this love and the life that will come ahead. So why not make it stress-free and full of grandeur and magnificence, but all in your budget with Shrine 360 wedding consultancy! 


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