Effect of Covid-19 on artists who were dependent on live events!

Effect of Covid-19 on artists who were dependent on live events!

COVID 19, or Coronavirus whatever we choose to call this pandemic, it definitely has brought only problems for the entire world. Not only have we witnessed innumerable symptoms of the illness, but we have also noticed unimaginable financial losses around. How, in just a few months, the entire human activity, life, and the world have come to a complete pause.
Most professions, most people, doing big or small work, belonging to any financial strata of society, have been impacted, no matter what is the magnum of the effect on each. There seems to be no hope of betterment in the near future.

The event industry has been hit very hard. Those in the space of Live events, either as executors or performers, will need to sink in with the effect that they will need evolved method to stay in the game of economics. Given the current scenario, any activity involving human gatherings will definitely be a no-no in 2020. The worst fact remains that no one when is an end to it and till when one has to work hard to make both ends meet.


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The artists are, for sure, going through a tough time, as its Live performances often kept their finances flowing. With all live events being canceled, the best event management companies of India have definitely come with few measurements to sail the sinking ship. Social media platforms are getting used to holding digital concerts. Several artists are performing for their fans virtually, but the profits are not even near to what they used to be. The spending capacity of audiences is another reason for this. Whilst some are relief efforts, and others are meant to uplift one’s mood, the sad element of this effort is a barrage of online content available entirely free of cost.

Online mediums are full of substitutes, music videos are coming up in thousands in each minute and which is why the audience will opt for what is free rather than investing to buy a ticket for an online concert. Dancers, musicians, singers, event vendors, and many more are stuck in the vicious circle of Covid19. The impact of this lockdown on artists is enormous, to the extent that several are considering moving away from event agencies and searching for other ways to rebuild their livelihood, but then many have never known anything other than performing.


How can artists help themselves?


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The artists need to find ways to make their livelihood from few other means than just performing live. They have to re-discover their own talent and evolve with the ever-changing world to be compatible with the given spaces. They just have to make sure the new means not only keep them safe and satisfied but do bring along monetary perks as well. They hold online sessions and classes and have, maybe, a minimal charge for them. They can have a look again at their contact list and can approach the acquaintances. They can take the help of their own networking and stay connected with their fan and client base, in the case of the more prominent artists, and with their audiences that love their talent.


How Shrine 360 is helping artists as well as holding memorable events in New-Normal?


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While the best wedding planners in India – Shrine 360 is ever ready to organize a safe event for you in the pandemic, it is very much inclined towards bettering the economy of the nation again. While wedding planning, we sincerely hope to include talented artists not only to make your event a memorable one but to make sure these artists are back in the work scenario again. Luxury wedding planning services like ours have contact with the best of performers in the world and can make them perform at your wedding gala. We will take care that the utmost safety measures are taken to keep your, your guests, friends, and all loved ones safe and happy during the event.

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