I got the wedding I had always imagined. Everything was taken care of and the make-up artists were definitely on point! I am glad we had you guys to help make this such a wonderful night.

Mukesh Kumar

The responsiveness of the Shrine Events team was truly spectacular. We had a dedicated staff member to help us with the smallest of details. The hard work and planning put into our special night was immense. Thank you!


Thank you Shrine Events for making our dreams come true! We had a truly memorable night. Everything from the food to the setting was exactly as we had imagined it to be!

Nishant Yadav

My wife and I didn’t even need to lift a finger! From start to finish, the service provided by Shrine Events was professional and thorough. They even got our favourite band to perform!

Atul Prajapati

We were halfway through our wedding planning, when we realised we needed help. Shrine Events came to the rescue and picked up the pieces without any trouble at all. Thank you for helping us when we were overwhelmed.

Arnav Bhardwaj

Wedding complete. Thanks for all your assistance and quick responses to any questions or suggestions. Our wedding coordination was a breeze with your website. I would definitely recommend your service to anyone getting married.