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Why Hiring a Wedding Consultant is the Right Move

An insight by Shrine 360

So you are getting married or someone in your family is thinking of tying the knot soon? Why is the first thing everyone thinks on such a joyous occasion the huge amount of work and hassle they will have to put in to get a beautiful wedding? You deserve a grand wedding with the best caterers, planners, makeup artists, but who is going to get them? Who is going to manage all the staff from photographers, event managers, decor managers, artist, hospitality staff etc.?



People around the world agree that their wedding day is the most beautiful day of their life but also the most stressful. There are hundreds of staff, family members and friends to manage! This is the reason wedding consultancy is on the rise because people have realised that their wedding day should not only be fabulous for others but also enjoyable for them. 



We all know the perfect wedding needs meticulous planning. We start preparing for it months and sometimes years before and still finding the right caterers, the most amazing photographers for those candid’s as well as, wedding planners for the multiple events, all within your budget is really difficult. How about a destination wedding? A beach wedding in Goa, a wedding dripped in royalty in Jaipur or Udaipur, an adventurous and nature loving wedding in Jim Corbett? How to have these amazing wedding at a destination where you don’t know the best planners or have the knack to bargain with vendors? Here a wedding consultant plays a big role, someone who has insider links and can manage grand wedding in a given budget, at any destination, whilst making you hassle-free. Questioning how to decrease this wedding stress while still having the wedding of your dreams? Wedding Consultants are the answer!



Why most people are hiring wedding consultants you wondering? Well, it’s simple, a wedding is a team effort- you are relying on different professionals like makeup artist, caters, photographers, hospitality staff etc. to do their job well and give you a fair price for their services. Hence hiring a wedding consultant is the single best thing you can do in such a situation, this is the person who can multitask effectively on your behalf. From bargaining with vendors to overseeing the activities of staff in fixing last-minute emergencies and making sure everything is perfect for you and your guests. Shrine 360 understands this sector and gets you the best deals from the best professionals. We love weddings and all the little bits of planning and details and we love working with people and have an upbeat outlook to help you if an inevitable last-minute problem arises (sometimes we have handled countless last-minute problems).



At Shrine 360 our wedding consultants have the perfect skill set – an amalgamation of financial planning, administration, wedding sector skills and genuine joy in managing weddings! They also possess impressive negotiation and business skills to haggle with the numerous vendors. Another huge benefit is that wedding consultants can cut down the money you spend on weddings; they usually have great offers from different vendors and have insider knowledge on how to get discounts for different services and supplies. So, their connections will definitely cut wedding costs, At Shrine 360 we pride ourselves in not just being troubleshooters who manage your wedding, making you hassle free but also help avoid extra costs and get discounts from all the service providers by negotiating on your behalf.



Another benefit is that because wedding consultants are so involved in the business, they can give multiple options, from caters to flower arrangements, locations to logistics. The choices will be endless and you can decide on what you think will be perfect. Lastly, because a wedding consultant is someone you hire for making a dream wedding into a reality, they will work using their skills, they will provide you with a myriad of options and negotiate but all on your behalf. It is like having a close friend who is also a professional in the wedding planning industry! Someone you can trust to get you the best deals so that wedding bells never bring extra worry, just happiness and flawless events by wedding consultants from Shrine 360.


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