Summers in India are no joke. The humidity and the heat are bound to take a toll on you every once in a while. Top it off with heavy wedding attires, jewellery and crowded spaces and you have a perfect recipe for disaster. We know you don’t want to wait another season to marry the love of your life. Here are a few tips that can make your April wedding fun and beautiful:

  • Number one tip and we can’t stress this enough, ACs. Especially in daytime ceremonies, make sure to do it indoors with enough coolers and air conditioners.  
  • Book a spacious and airy venue that can accommodate your guests and not overheat to avoid a messy, sticky situation. Smaller guest list and a bigger space are two things that will always be a good decision.
  • Cold beverages and foods that are cooling to the body such as watermelons, mint and curd should be your foremost menu addition. Warmth inducing foods like oily food and dry fruits are off the table (literally!).
  • Hit two birds with one stone by ditching the heavy, maroon, embellished lenghas and opting for flowy and light coloured outfits. You can stay on top of the hottest trends and be comfortable and cool during your summer wedding. 
  • Light makeup that can withstand the heat and sweat for you and your bridal party will make a wondrous difference. Your pictures are going to look bright and fresh instead of dull and smeared. We promise you, you’re gonna thank us later! 
  • Please ensure that instant hydration kits are stocked and ready to go if someone needs it. As much as you want to avoid it, it’s best to be prepared in case of an emergency. Better safe than sorry is what we always say!

BONUS TIP: A getaway to the mountains for your wedding is another great option to consider. Enjoy the mild weather and exotic scenery and have a beautiful, breezy wedding.