After the first consultation with a wedding planner, the conversation always switches to curating moodboards and selecting a theme. 

After the first consultation with a wedding planner, the conversation always switches to curating moodboards and selecting a theme. The word mood board itself is quite straightforward and self explanatory. It is a compilation of images and phrases that define the mood and aesthetic of a specific project, in this case, your wedding. They are used for inspiration and to communicate your vision for your occasion. They are extremely helpful to draw an outline of the theme of your wedding and bridge the communication gap between you and your wedding planners. Moodboards can be digital or physical according to your preference and having multiple mood boards is only a plus.



If you haven’t done it before, selecting the content for your board can be quite overwhelming because of the excess amount of content available online. Here are a few tips to make the process easier and less terrifying.

  • Do your research. Scroll through pinterest and follow the inspiration pages on instagram. Understand your taste and the current trends. Save what you like and make notes of what you don’t so you don’t miss out on something you might have liked if you remembered it.
  • The key is to find pictures according to what you would like and not like every picture you find. As tempting as every picture your pinterest feed may look, keep in mind to follow one coherent theme for your wedding. A cluster of clashing aesthetics on the moodboard will only work against your favour and will make the whole process confusing and unproductive.
  • A mildly contrary but quite helpful advice is to be experimental wherever you feel apt. Open up the horizon and choose somethings that you didn’t think you’d like at first but now it catches your attention every time you see it. You will undoubtedly find numerous new things you love while researching but think them through and if they fit your mood completely, put them on the board. Don’t forget to have fun with it.
  • Being compromising is an essential lesson while imaging your moodboard. Not everything on the board will make it into the wedding and not everything in your wedding will be on the board. Making the collage is just step one and It’s a series of give and take from here on. Make sure to be prepared for it and know your non-negotiables.
  • Lastly, make sure that the moodboard is a reflection of you. While the subtle pastel colours of the wedding of the trendiest couple of bollywood look undeniably gorgeous, they might not fit your over the top sprightly energy. Images of roses are more alluring than ever but if you like lilies, make sure you mention them unequivocally on your board.  Make it your wedding, not just a wedding.